Triathlon Wetsuit Repair – Huub Neck Replacement

Huub Triathlon Wetsuit Repair

This Huub wetsuit came in with a damaged neck. An attempt had been made by the owner to rectify the problem but it continued to tear across the neckline.

This is the inside as it looked when it arrived. The neoprene lining material was delaminating and coming apart.

We removed the damaged section of the suit as it was too badly gone to do a simple patch.


The new piece has been inserted. This is how it looked from the inside.



The finished job looked like this. A suit that was beginning to become unusable, back in service and ready to race.

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Vision Wader Repair – New Dry Zip fitted

Test and repair of Vision Waders, including dry zip replacement

This is how the waders looked when they arrived for test. Its hard to believe that the zip is leaking and there are several holes.


This is the inside view before the process of zip removal. We disassemble, rebuild and fit zips back the way the original manufacturer did it.

The internal sealing tape has been carefully removed to reveal the stitching.


The zip has been unpicked one stitch at a time and lifted out.




The new zip is fitted and ready for sealant and taping.



The zip has now been sealed and taped. The process of dealing with the internal leaks can begin. The crotch seam has had some reinforcement.

Discreet patches are used to mend small holes and leaks.



The patches are made from the same material as the wader lining, so they are flexible and don’t cause further problems such a friction leaks.


This is the finished item. We always aim to make it look as though nothing has been touched, restoring things to original manufacturer specification or better.

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Northern Diver Suit – beyond economic repair

Northern Diver Dry Suit – repair assessment.

This Northern Diver dry suit was sent in for new seals. A recent purchase for a novice diver.

We inspected the seals and over cuffs.




Both the cuffs and neck were in poor condition which was not a major problem as they could all be put back into working order.





However the zip was clearly beyond use and the internal seam taping was crumbling away.

Most of the  seams at the top of the suit were completely gone.

We discussed the matter with the client and suggested that obtaining a refund from the point of purchase would be the best option. We could have restored this suit but the cost would have been too much compared with the value and quality of the suit. We helped him with supporting information and he got his money back.

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Speedo Triathlon Wetsuit Repair

Speedo Triathlon Wetsuit

This came in with an emergency repair job on the shoulder. It was a bit of a mess.


 Close view of the original

 This is what it looked like after we had cleaned off the glue/sealant the had been used for the emergency repair.

Internal view of the seam intersection with reinforcement to the seams. All internal patching has been done with ultra thin, flexible patches.

This is how it looked when finished. Clean and tidy. Ready to go.



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Si Tech Silicone Wrist Seals fitted to Azdry Drysuit

Si Tech Modular  Silicone Wrist Seal System fitted to Azdry Drysuit.


Azdry drysuit showing the original, standard seals




The original seals have been carefully removed ready for the fitment of the new soft plastic mounting rings.


New seal mounting rings fitted.



The rings have been tidied up and over-taped. the rings are now ready for the silicone seals to be fitted ready for use.


The finished job. The Si Tech rings are rigid enough to support the seals whilst being soft enough to be comfortable.

Ready to go.

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Aquasphere Triathlon Wet Suit – Zip base repair

Aqua Shere Triathlon Wetsuit Repair.

This suit came in with damage that is typical of this kind of suit and its use. Athletes are always in a rush to get out of their suits and this is the inevitable consequence. It is easily sorted though.

Outside of the suit showing the tear at the base of the zip and the base seam beginning to come apart.



Inside view of the suit showing the tear and the inner reinforcement of the zip base seam giving up.


This is the outside view after the base and the seam have been repaired.


This is the inside after repair and reinforcement. Flat, flexible, welded, fabric covered patches have been added to give strength without bulk.


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Avon Dry Suit Repair – Seal replacement

Avon Drysuit Repair

This is an Avon Dry Suit that we have just had in for refurbishment. The original seals had rotted away and in some places melted into the surface of the suit. We used specialised cleaners and patience to remove the old seals and sort the damaged areas.

Avon dry suit repair - replacement seals 2

Avon drysuit repair - seal replacement 3Avon dry suit repair - replacement seals 1

The final result. New wrist seals and neck seal.

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Crewsaver Dry Suit Repair. Drysuit repairs at


Crewsaver Dry Suit Repair.

This Crewsaver suit came in for new latex socks to be fitted. We do loads of these so it is pretty straight forward. Original socks viewed from the inside.


The old sock is gently released so as not to damage the dry suit leg. The gluing area is cleaned.


IMGP1052_smThe new socks are fitted on the inside. Good as new and as good as the day that it left the Crewsaver factory.

IMGP1053_smExternal view of the new socks fitted and ready for use. Just as good as the day they were made.

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Santi Dry Suit Neck Seal Replacement. Dry Suit Repairs at


Here’s a nice simple job. A Santi dry suit with a broken neck seal. The seal is carefully lifted out.

The new seal is fitted into place and the suit is ready to go.

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Fishing Wader Zip replacement at

IMGP1320_sm1. Wader zip replacement. This was a second hand but usable zip taken from an old pair of waders. The customer wanted it to be fitted to this newer serviceable pair of waders



IMGP1328_sm2. Wader zip replacement. The old zip is carefully disassembled ready to be fitted to the newer pair of waders




IMGP1331_sm3. Wader zip replacement. Newer waders ready to be marked up and prepared for the zip to be inserted






IMGP1333_sm4. Wader zip replacement. Zip hole has been formed and the replacement zip is ready for insertion






IMGP1336_sm5. Wader zip replacement. Replacement zip is fitted and sealed using welded tape – internal view






IMGP1337_sm6. Wader zip replacement. Replacement zip is fitted and sealed using welded tape – external view





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